Most people do not know that the secret to losing weight is actually behind the workout. What that basically means is that one has to notice how one’s eating habits are because it’s what you eat that you sow. Keeping this principle in mind, we are going to look how one can lose weight by just eating less, or basically ‘fast’. We will look at the several aspects of fasting diets and how we can get the most out of it.

Why Intermittent Fasting is useful  

  • Something that has caught on recently, is the trend of intermittent fasting. Fasting commonly is the practice of not eating for several hours a day, something that is very commonly found in religious practices.
  • Although fasting for several hours in a day can be ridiculously hard and physically exhausting, the idea of intermittent fasting can be used as a substitute and can also be used effectively to lose weight.
  • Apart from weight loss, there are also several benefits that come with intermittent fasting such as physical and mental changes that occur within oneself. Hence, this is all the more reason for one to try intermittent fasting as the benefits are very useful.
  • The idea is to not cut on meals (although they can be done) but to change the pattern of how one eats.
  • For instance, the regular routine followed by millions of people around the world would be breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • With intermittent fasting, one essentially prolongs the time between the meals and after the meals. The standard routine for timings of meals (without intermittent fasting) would be to have breakfast at 7 (assuming one wakes up at 6) and lunch in 4 hours and dinner around 6 in the night.
  • With intermittent fasting, one would ideally have breakfast at 9 or 10 in the morning (assuming one wakes up at 6), lunch in another 4 hours, followed by dinner at around 6 or 7 in the night.
  • This creates the window gap, which is what is called as fasting. It is also important to note that one shouldn’t consume snacks in between as that is the routine with most people. Cutting out on snacks helps greatly with fasting and also if one consumes between meals, it wouldn’t be ‘fasting’ anymore.
  • Since fasting diets can be hard, it is essential that one steps up the process gradually and increase windows gaps and cut down meals (from 3 square meals to 2) if possible. This, if done regularly can lead to weight loss pretty quickly, and exercise on top of this would burn fat really quickly!

Insights on Fasting Diets

We have gone through the whole process of fasting diets, but one should also bear in mind that what they eat is ultimately the winner. For, the fasting wouldn’t be useful at all if they do not change what they eat. Basically, junk foods should be replaced with whole foods as they are healthier and also give you the energy to not starve between the meals. In the end, fasting is an amazing way to improve one’s health and also to burn weight quicker than any other process!