Health Benefits of Archery

Archery is a sport that has been around for many centuries, and has only improved over time. From beginner to expert, archers enjoy a great workout for both the body and mind. Archery can be both a team sport or an individual one, so archers can choose whether they want to socialize or spend quiet time with their thoughts. It is also a very inclusive sport for beginners and experts alike. Many people looking for a new sport to try turn to archery for its long list of health benefits, along with how pleasant it is to enjoy.

Exercise and Calorie Burning

It may not seem obvious, but archery is actually an excellent calorie burning exercise. Drawing of the bow utilizes energy and upper body strength, but a great deal of the sport is spent walking from one target to another, and walking to collect bows. Calorie usage of archery has been compared, by The Economist, to activities ranging from vacuuming and sweeping to snorkeling and dancing. In short, it is at the very least a strong enough exercise to replace a less-amusing daily stroll.

Upper Body Strength

When shooting targets in archery, your whole upper body (and some of your lower body) gets a thorough exercise. In a proper draw, you will develop the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and core. Even a bow like the Samick Sage, which is excellent for all skill levels, has a draw weight of 30 to 60 pounds. When drawing, you will typically hold the draw for at least a few seconds while aiming. This act allows tension to occur in a variety of muscles, and works similarly to weight lifting. These repeated actions in archery develop the upper body muscles.

Man shooting compound bow at archery target

ocus and Patience

Archery requires constant focus, and is an excellent sport in which to practice blocking out distractions. An archer must remain fully focused on their shot, while also maintaining focus on their own form. Archers develop control during their routine practice, and learn to avoid distracting noises – a skill which can benefit an individual in all areas of life.


Archers who were not gifted with excellent hand-eye coordination from the start are sure to develop it through practice of the sport. Over time, through repetition and practice, hand-eye coordination improves as the archer’s hands learn where to aim based on the feedback from the eyes. As aim improves, so does hand-eye coordination which, in turn, improves aim further. Overall coordination improves through archery as well. The sport requires a lot of details in the form to all happen at once, with a very small margin of error. Each minute movement becomes part of muscle memory.

Social Skills and Confidence

As is the case with most sports, archery is a fantastic opportunity to compete with and to meet new people. Particularly with archery, all walks of life are drawn to playing the sport. In tournaments, archers are often grouped together for scoring purposes – and you never know who you may end up with. Social interactions happen frequently while walking together through the courses, as well. Team support is often crucial for the success of the group, which builds a personal foundation of teamwork. Though archery can be a team or individual sport, many archers hold themselves up as their highest competitor. Setting and meeting goals, while progressing through improvement in the skills needed for archery, can be an excellent measure in building self-confidence.


Many archers say that they practice archery because it is relaxing to them. Hours can pass while shooting targets, and some individuals view this as a time for meditation and reflection. It is also a routine in actually learning how to better relax. Archers must focus, manage their breathing, control their nervousness, and fully concentrate on the target ahead. Archers will, in time, develop the skill of remaining calm, and continuing accuracy while under pressure.


The sport of archery can be practiced by sportsmen and beginners alike, no matter their age, gender, or past experience and skill level. It is even touted as one of the most notably adaptive sports for those with a variety of disabilities. It can be a great source of exercise for almost any individual, and a great way for a person to challenge his or herself.

With all the benefits of archery, it is no wonder that it is a sport that has truly stood the test of time. Many folks are daunted by the typical questions, such as where to begin; however, most people are unaware of archery facilities right in their own town. For a great full-body and mind exercise, a way to relax or meet new people, or even just as a way to try something new - archery has it all!

How to Lose Weight By Running

When people contemplate weight loss, the first thing they can think of is hitting the gym. Gyms today have been very convenient for people as they have all the necessary tools and equipment to help an individual lose weight. Cardiovascular exercise is one necessary aspect which functions at the gym and today, we are going to look at how one can lose weight just by running.

Running and More

  • The first thing to know about running is that it is a high-intensity exercise. A high-intensity exercise is composed of segments where one elevates their heart rate to a very high level than the normal or average.
  • This high-intensity exercise which leads to the elevated heart rate is responsible for weight loss, as the primary goal is to increase the heart rate, which is what aids the quickest weight loss.
  • This is why people who walk leisurely don’t lose weight much and those who walk a little faster burn more.
  • It is obvious that running is more intense than power walks and this, in turn, burns more fat and finally results in weight loss.
  • The first thing to notice about walking and running is that the number of calories shouldn’t be measured, as there are cases when both of them might just be the same.
  • This leads to people thinking that both exercises constitute the same weight loss but it, unfortunately, isn’t the case as it is not the calories which should be measured always but the surge in the heart rates as well.
  • Hence running for 15 minutes is definitely not the equivalent of walking for 15 minutes. Let us look at why running is more easier too.
  • Unlike other exercises which need the training to get used to, running is a very natural ability that a lot of us are familiar with and because of this, one can start running almost instantaneously.
  • It is important to note, however, that running after a prolong sedimentary life might be hard because of no physical activity over the years, and it may take time to get used to it.
  • The rest period of running helps to burn more fat, as when people rest after a run, their heart rates are still high and can take time to come down and this helps significantly in weight loss, this is why HIIT helps as well because of elevated heart rates during breaks and active workouts.
  • Running is also carefree, meaning one can do this exercise literally anywhere, on the streets, or even the gym, or the park. The options are unlimited and one doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to running.

Insights on Running  

Now that we understand the importance of running, it is time that people take more notice of it and run more. Running is also one of the very few exercises that give you the push even when one is tired, something that is very prevalent in people who engage in marathons as they still have the energy to go for another round, and running makes this possible in the long run!

How to Get Rid of Back Pain?

Back pain is common and everybody suffering from this torment knows the reason why? It can be due to long hours of sitting or can be due to poor lifestyle, can be injuries from the past and so on. Well, we know the reason why, but the real thing we need to know is How to get rid of it? It is believed that eighty percent of the world population suffers from back pain. The good news is here you are going to get time-tested remedies to get rid of your back pain.

Warm feet can soothe back pain

There are many reasons what because back pain such as sore muscles, strain on vessels and muscles etc. peritonitis (abdominal inflammations) can also cause muscle pain. In this condition you cannot get results from heat or cold therapy because it can increase inflammation. There is one thing that can be done and that is keeping your feet warm.

Change your mattress

Sometimes what is working for others might not be a good idea for you.  First of all learn about your mattress as it can be a major cause of back pain. Your back needs proper support for which you will need a good mattress.  Some prefer hard bed, which is also recommended by doctors.  Also make sure that your sleeping postures are good.  Keep a pillow between your knees as this is going to reduce tension on your back and knees.

Yoga is the best medicine

There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured with yoga. In fact you will have improved health if you are practicing yoga every day. Sometimes pain is caused due to tightness and tension.  Yoga postures are going to improve your flexibility and release the tension. Yoga is also going to relax your muscles and within few weeks you are going to notice huge difference in your flexibility as well as pain. Initially you might struggle, but in time you are surely going to love it. Apart from gaining flexibility you will also have a calm mind and soul resulting in more health benefits.

Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, then you must say goodbye to this life threatening habit. There are hundreds and thousands of bad effects of smoking and none of them needs limelight. Smoking causes different types of cancer. It also constricts blood vessels leading to poor blood circulation.  When blood flow is not proper your tissues gets soft causing pain.

Few tips

There are many things in your daily life, which you can improve and get rid of back pain.  Here are some of them mentioned.

  • If you sit for long hours, consistently change positions
  • Use lumbar support on chairs and car seats
  • Use sports shoes or low heels
  • Make a habit not to slouch
  • Vitamin D is important which you get from sun exposure
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Green vegetables are going to help
  • Consult a chiropractor , acupuncture or therapist.